A man from Canberra was convicted for dusrupting kangaroo cull


A man disrupted a kangaroo cull at Wanniassa on the south of Canberra in July.

The police arrested Chris Klootwijk (71) for calling out and blowing a whistle. His action leaded to the stopping of the cull for 45 minutes.

Chris stayed on the fenced territory and did not go out of it. Klootwijk explained that he was blowing a whistle for his own protection as he wanted to help encourage the Government to stop kangaroo culls. He wanted to avoid injury and gave a sign for the shooters with the whistle. It is also known that Klootwick thought that an animal was wounded and it was illegally operated.

a64856_ba69727731fb4fa6be491846ac194b78There is a rule that a shooter must be sure of the death of a kangaroo pr wallaby and then he can shoot other animals.

According to Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker he wanted to disrupt the cull and the work of the contractor was hindered as he hired to conduct the cull.

They warned him that it is dangerous to shoot in the area. But it is not true that he blew a whistle to show his whereabouts.  It should be mentioned that there was a incident when Ms Walker noted Kloorwijk on the territory and he involved a budge.

The court found Klootwijk not guilty when he related to the contractor involved in the cull for the second time. But Ms Walker told that the license for the cull was illegal.

They were disappointed about the decision about the crime of the cull.