Rebecca Judd is going to have identical twin boys



Pregnant_rebecca_juddRebecca Judd is a wife of retired Carlton Captain Chris. We could see her on the red carpet at AFL. Chris and Rebecca Judd surprised their friends and relatives with the announcement that soon they will have identical boys.

“Jeepers- IDENTICAL twin boys. Shell shocked all over again,” the Channel Nine host wrote on Instagram on Friday.

The hashtag “Can fill a forwars line was added by the 33-year-old pathologist, blogger and beauty entrepreneur. She is a wife of the retired Carlton Football Club great, 32.

A photo of a burgeoning baby bump was published last Monday. Rebecca told about her happiness: “OMGEEEEEE- freakin TWINS are on the way.” “I get heart palpitations and sweats telling people as I’m still in shock but also giddy with excitement.”

They cannot believe in their happiness. “We were weighing up whether to go for a third. We thought we would give it a try, and the first go we ended up having twins, which was so unexpected.”

2dbb7ef71aa13df6_GettyImages-476395282.xxxlarge_2xThey have two children and soon the family will grow to six after the birth of twins. After the retirement of Chris from the AFL he can help Rebecca to care children.

On the first scan Judd din not know that she will have twins. Only on the 12-week check up they were told about two children. Probably one of twins will be a boy.

“I could see one baby, and then I could see a blob. And my words to my obstetrician were, ‘What’s that blob?’ After some time of silence she said, “That’s another kid.”Judd screamed because she was so excited.