The epidemic of diabetes threatens to western Sydney


The number of people suffering from diabetes in suburbs of western Sydney grows quickly. Next 15 years hospitals will be overcrowded. There will be more necessity in perform amputations.

DannyOConnorLocal Health District Chief executive of Western Sydney Danny O’Connor warns about the threat of diabetes epidemic. Over the past twenty years local population bloated very fast. The immediate preventative actions became very necessary nowadays.

The population of western Sydney is 1 million. About 300,000 people may have diabetes. Many people have a high risk to get ill. Most part of people who live in Auburn, Holroyd, Blacktown, Parramatta and Hills District suffer from overweight. Mr O’Connor is afraid that continuing consuming of much food will lead to the diabetes epidemic and they will need factories for toes’ cutting, feet’s and limp’s.

Doctor calls for the discussing of such important problems as taxing sugary drinks, the quality of food in school canteens, the fresh food’s availability, fast food.

Western Sydney became a hot spot of diabetes victims. Every year Australia pays $14.6 billion for this disease. The doctors warn that by 2025 this sum will grow to $30 billion. The main aim of the local health authority is to bring waistlines back to the results of 1995.  obesity

There are two types of diabetes. People can prevent the appearing of type one diabetes. In Australia 85-90 per cent of people suffering from diabetes have obesity.

The weight loss can help to avoid diabetes. Some campaigns aware people for it. This fact adds big contribution to the diabetes prevention.