Chinese supercomputer is in the list Top500


Recently the world saw the list of the world’s most powerful machines. China placed its new supercomputer on the top of it.

It is the 93 petaflop Sunday TaihuLight. The developers installed it at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi.

The developers of the most powerful computer claim that when it is at the peak it can perform around 93,000 trillion calculations per second.

kinai-szuperszamitogepThe system of this computer is as faster than the previous leader of computers. It was Tianhe-2. That super computed was also created in China. On Monday Tianhe-2 was at Top500 computers. Jack Dongar wrote in a paper about this new computer that the main applications contain advanced manufacturing, there is also weather forecasting and it can make the analytics of big data.

There are more than 10.5 million processing cores which are locally made. It has also Linux-based operating system and 40,960 nodes.

What place does the Chinese supercomputer take in the Top500

China’s developers have overtaken the US’s for the first time. The result of China is 167 computers in the top 500. Though the US placed its developments only at 165 position.

Top500 said that it is very remarkably that ten years ago China had 28 systems on the list. This country is a real example of success in computer development. Now Chinese Nation is faster and goes further than other country in the story of supercomputering.

The supercomputers of the US are in the top 10 of the list of top500. The country has four supercomputers.

The supercomputers of Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Germany.