Students took drugs on school camp in Victoria


Two students took drugs on school camp in a Glen Waverley school. They were taken to hospital after taking LSD.

The incident happened with 4 Brentwood Secondary College students. Last Tuesday they took the psychedelic drug. Then two students were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital.

banner05Police caught the students with drugs at the Runaway Bay Sport and Leadership Excellence Centre. Then they cautioned the students.

The specialisation of camp is providing sports and leadership programs for students. It promotes learning trough action.

The state school in Melbourne’s east is governed by the principal Vicki Forbes. She informed that these students felt better and they are safe.

She was disappointed by the accident and said that she could accept such behavior at her school.

She said that the specialists of the school worked hard to explain students the real danger and harm of drugs. She claimed that incidents with drugs were rare at their school.

The spokesman of Queensland Ambulance Service reported that the condition of both students was stable when they were transported to hospital.

Schools of Victoria face with the problem of drug using rarely. The principal of school informed that there were some students who needed support. Student Support Services gave their help as well as other agencies.

The spokesman of A Queensland Educational Department said that people who needed help received support. Police cooperates closely with The Runaway Bay Sport and Leadership Excellence Centre and supports staff and students.

The Department will comment the incident after the providing of investigation.