Adele’s album will be available in streaming services


Adele’s album is in top charts after it was released 7 months ago. Today her album is available in streaming services such as Sportify, Apple Music and Tidal.

Today Adele together with other many singers who are called heavyweights in industry such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift stand the streaming industry with the sales of their traditional albums.

Music should not be for free

Giving an interview for Time magazine in December Adele said that she believed her album to become a real event; she thought that streaming was “disposable”.

yepA famous star claimed that she was very proud “even if the album flopped”. She did not think that it is very important for her because in its first week “25” had already sold with amount 3.38 million albums in the US. On Friday it became known that Adele’s third album will be available to 100 million subscribers of Sportify worldwide.

Usually singers get small royalty per-play is the major massage of the streaming services. In 2014 Taylor Swift pulled her music off Sportify because she believed that music should cost money. Famous singer also attacked Apple Music because she was against their royalty model. But later she appeared in several of its commercials on television.