Iranian Hulk became very popular in social media


A huge weightlifter shocked social media with his absolute physical size. More people recognize this Persian Hercules. Some people call him Iranian Hulk.

His name is Sajad Gharibi. He is 24. This incredible man lives in Iran. He claims that his weight is almost 160kg. His body is made of muscles only.

iranian-hulk3_20160602_123142There are over 59,000 followers of Gharibi in Instagram. Every day the man publishes his new photos about his usual life. He tells about his favorite things and about weightlifting.

Up to 175 kg can be lifted by this huge man. He often participates in powerlifting category in competitions. He also takes part in bodybuilding competitions which hold in Iran.

He has a kind hart

There are many different images with Gharibi. He likes to show his huge frame and building muscles. The man got his name Hulk or Hercules thanks to his huge size and his body.

After Ghaidi appeared in the internet and began to show his pictures in social media accounts he became famous.

The man is real internet sensation of social media. His followers are amazed by him and his huge body and muscles.

When he has free time he takes pictures with things which are smaller than he. People like to make photos with him. Though the man seems huge and grizzly people say that he has a kind hart and he is very gentle.