Heart disease is the main problem of obese seniors in their golden years


Dutch study finds that obese seniors live as long as their thin friends. Though in most cases heart disease develops very early in their life.

Though obese people lifespans are not shortened, their organism suffers from heart disease. It may take a serious toll on their lives.

The World Health Organization claims that heart disease causes death more often.

overweight-black-manThe scientists examined the links between the obesity, heart disease, and lifespan. They collected information about 6,636 men and woman of 55. This information was used for another study in Netherlands.

The researchers examined the participants between 1990 and 1993 and checked them over 12 years. The information included height and weight. They needed to determine the individual index of body mass. People were divided on groups according to their weight on three groups.

The health conditions were also important for the study.

It was found out that 19% of patients had heart disease. It was 1,035 cases as it was written in the report in International Journal Obesity.

During the studied period 29 % died over the heart disease.

In general the overweight or obese does not have any impact on how long do the person live. But the scientists linked to 2.6 fewer years without heart disease for men and 1.9 fewer women without heart disease.

While the scientists linked weight loss with a lower risk of heart disease for obese people.

Obese people have many health problems

Heart disease makes the life difficult. There are many things which disturb obese people: fatigue, shortness of breath and swollen legs. That is why obese people suffer from less mobility and lower quality of life.

Obese people take more medicines which can lead to side effects and their health becomes worse.