Why Australians prefer Samsung , Apple and Android Pay


There is a serious threat to your wallets and purses because Samsung and Apple have launched tap-and-go payments in Australia. While the opponent Google poised to enter the market and provided wide choice for every person who owns a credit card and a recent smartphone.

apple-pay-walkthrough-4-5There is a question if these services are safe enough for Australians.

Forrester principal analyst Alyson Clarke claims that Australia is on the firth place with using of Samsung Pay.

Advantages of pay services

There are two unique advantages over other countries which belong to Australia.

  1. Unprecedented number of contactless credit card readers
  2. The huge number of people who has willing to use these cards

You can leave your wallet at home and use these services without any worry about their secure.

Among secure measures the programs there is secure of chip and a PIN, mobile payments also use a secure chip, a fingerprint sensor and transmit a token and encrypted information.

You can also use them offline.

Though such services suggest much advantages Australian banks adopt these technologies slowly.

People who have a recent iPhone have opportunity to use the services of ANZ of American Express. Citibank and American Express are available for Samsung Pay

Another company, internet giant Google attracts banks to Android Pay.

The task of the company is to launch Australia “in the first half of 2016” and it interacts with such institutions as ANZ,

Westpac, Bendigo Bank, ING and potential partner is St George.