The NSW police officer is accused of searching the records of woman in database


On January 27, 2016 NSW Police Constable Vincent John Wendelin (35) met a woman, Named Katy on the dating website eHarmony. Then he wrote her that he would check information about her. “Ok miss, I’ll check and make sure you are the cleanskin you are claiming to be ha ha,” he wrote.

Then policeman searched for his female friend’s record in a police database system which is called COPS (Computerised Operation Policing System). He used the data base when he worked at police station in Waverley.

5105707991_495d052e81_oThen he wrote to woman that he had found some information about her. “I noticed that when driving you occasionally feel the need for speed!” He said that he has some private information about Katy.

The policeman will be imprisoned for 2 years

In a half of a year after this event Wendelin was imprisoned accused of the accessing restricted data from the police computer.

The man appeared in the Sydney Downing Centre Local Court on Monday.

There were many complaints about the actions of policeman after the Police Professional Standards Command did an audit of his computer assesses.

Wendelin was accused of the police database using for the request of Katy.

The men will probably be imprisoned for and pay a maximum fine of $50,000.