A tool which cleans all your Google searches


The developers released a tool which is extremely necessary for people who search in Google.

In most cases people ask Google about the things they do not know and sometimes this curiosity can be embarrassing.

For some of us it can be a real problem that all our actions in the internet are used by someone piece together the information from our searches. So probably Google know everything about you and your weirdest and secret information.

1For those people who worry about the security of their search information company developed a new tool. It allows to take back some of more discomforting moments of their search in Google services.

The app My Activity gives the opportunity to see information which was gathered by the search engine giant. You can ask this system to forget some private things.

So if you ever asked Google why does your husband fart so much you can delete your strange questions.

 What is My activity app?

Thanks to the app My Activity you can see a timeline of all that you did in Google. The system stores your questions, places found in Google maps and all the video which you watched at YouTube.

There is also a list of your activity in Google. You can find this information on the website myactivity.google.com.

You can log the system and select privacy sets and security options.

You can delete information about your actions

There is a bar at the top of the page. You can find your past online indiscretions.

When you find all you need you click the three-dot button to see menu. You can use it to highlight and delete unnecessary things.

A Google spokesman informed that deleted information about you does not exist in Google data anymore.