Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli suffers from unknown disease


Wimbledon champion of 2013 Marion Bartoli lost her weight extremely. She is afraid that her life is in danger because of unknown virus.

This week doctors banned France Bartoli to play in an invitational event in Wimbledon. They examined her health and are afraid for her health.

04E7F36E00000514-3651907-image-a-6_1466498577264According to the claims of Bartoli she does not have anorexia. She insists that her bad condition appeared over the rare virus. Medical experts cannot say definitely the name of this virus.

Marion’s life became unbearable

The 31-year-old sportsman complained that she does not live normal life and she just survives.

Now she can eat nothing but organic salad leaves and cucumbers without skins. She washes her vegetables with mineral water only.

In her interview she said that she is afraid for her life because her heart can stop.

bartoli8s-2-webShe also said that her life became a real nightmare. The worst thing is that her life does not become better.

Severe electro-sensitivity does not let her to use mobile phone. So she wears gloves when she needs to call somebody.

Probably former winner of Wimbledon picked up the rare virus when she travelled between Australia, New York and India this winter.

On Monday she will start course of treatment because she has already lost 20kg.