Watching Peppa Pig is harmful for children, experts say


Top cartoons broadcasting on the main channels for children of 9, 7 and 10 are Peppa Pig, The Sheep, Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom.

The target audience of these shows is tiny by the age and quantity. Many parents think that such cartoons as Peppa Pig and The Sheep are good for children according to parenting experts Dr Karen Phillip’s words.

But these benefits are more childminding than educational.

Peppa-Pig-750x500Watching such shows children are so engaged with screens that they lose their ability to use imagination. They become inked to a lack of development of empathy, expert Dr Phillip claims.

Children do not develop their skills in empathy watching cartoons. They do not study to read the language of other people’s body. Children do not study to interact with other people. Nowadays children play iPad next to their friends and exclude live communication and games.

IF CartoonsMost children like to sit in front of the screen and have entertainment continuously. Children of 4 and 5 lose their ability to play games with their friends and do not have any ideas for real communication games.

Watching too much cartoons on TV is negative for children. If parents want to interact with their children watching Peppa Pig they should sing and dance like the main characters do. When they do such active things they take more benefits from watching TV show. Such watching is different. It is important to engage children our own game and to teach them use imagination.