The largest telecoms signed manifesto about 5G


A 5G manifesto was signed by some of the largest telecom companies of the world. The major aim of this manifesto is to drive forward the deployment of mobile network of next-generation.

According to the articles of manifesto every country across the European union guarantee the launching of fast 5G mobile networks by 2020.

dd5b670a2b3048d6e0603b63e4bce809The results of current net neutrality regulations can be hamper innovation and “significant uncertainties”.

Among the signatories there were such companies as BT, Nokia, Orange, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

The main concept of net

According to the concept of net it refers to neutrality of net. There will be no content provider to become better and have more advantage over other companies.

For companies it is very necessary to enable free and open competition on the internet.

The 5G manifesto said that the members of the EU states should follow pragmatic rules to foster innovation.

According to warns of telecom industry the current net neutrality guidelines. The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications put forward the current net neutrality. There are significant uncertainties around 5G return.

The companies are going to delay their investments till there will be positive stance on innovation. They should also stick to it.