Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten will have testing times after elections


The first question which Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment should decide in the new Parliament is Marriage equality.

The both leaders support this ground but they have different paths for achievement of their aims.

892dc05223ae0d1c8b8ac1bc9760144cThe Australian Electoral Commission declared that there will be the numbers of seats in the lower house for Turnbull to form a government. There is also a probability that a minority government will have a majority of 1 or 2 seats.

Instead of the rancorous tone of the marathon campaign there appeared a measure of grace and recognition that people who voted have a gutful of division and they earn to have something better.

Bill Shorten predicts that the Coalition will be forced the polls in a year. Besides there will be other pressures on Turnbull’s government.

Senate crossbench will face with many challenges such as the dealing with an emboldened National Party and resentful conservative flank.

Coalition will face with many tasks including the protection of the AAA credit rating, negative gearing and capital gains.

The Parliament should also solve the question of Marriage equality in short terms after the sworn of the new government. Turnbull will need the support for the national plebiscite. Though Shorten and Greens argued that it is unnecessary and it can divide parliament.