Consuming artificial sweeteners people eat more


Some people who use artificial sweeteners put on weight. The reasons of this fact were studied by the Australian researchers.

The Sydney’s researchers studied the impact of the sweeteners of the response of brain to food intake.

shutterstock294149762 (1)Previously the scientists found that artificial sweeteners are linked with ability to eat more.

Though there was no definite information about the reasons why people eat more when they consume artificial sweeteners.

The scientists of the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins centre studied two sets of fruit flies over 5 days.

They gave healthy food to one group and healthy food with artificial sweetener to another one.

Then those fruit flies which consumed sweetener ate almost third more calories and ate more food.

The research was published in the journal Cell Metabolism. According to its results the brain of people who consumed sweeteners did not get the signal that organism received enough calories. So people eat more food.

The scientists made conclusions that the sweetness and energy content of food are integrated in reward centres in the brain.

People intake more food when there is no balance in the organism. Then the brain responds and corrects the results. According to the balance the brain gives signal to eat more or less food.