Former CEO Scott Seward claims that Parramatta Eels Board was informed about hidden payments of players


Scott Seward who used to be Parramatta Eels chief executive claims that the board of the club knew about hidden payments of player.

Board of Directors of Parramatta tried to put all the blame for the scandal with cap’s salary on Mr Seward.1462609662577

There are many documents which reveal the extensive lengths which were gone by the rugby league club. Those documents hided top-high players’ payments. These events led to the ban from the game which was given to five officials. Besides those players were fined $1 million.

The preference of board members was not to know the details of the high payments, Mr Seward claims.

Former captain Kieran Foran is the example of people who were used in the evidence. They promised him an extra $1 million in hidden payments.

Former SEO also made a statement about his suspects about a number of ways when the Eels hided the behavior. They also used false invoices.

Mr Seward told about the example when the club ordered suit for a player which costs $500. In fact they paid $700 for this suit. While other extra $200 the club gave to the player.

Mr Seward affirms that he tried to convince the representatives of the board to stop working with secret deals.

There is information that Mr Seward is considering legal action against the Eels.