Women aged of over 40s give birth more than under 20s


According to the official information from England and Wales for nearly 70 years women aged of over 40s give birth more babies than under 20s.

According to the information given by the Office for National Statistics in 2015 women gave birth to 697,852 babies.

Among 1,000 women aged over 40 there were 15.2 births. While there were 14.5 births per 1,000 young women in their teens.

The pregnancy rate of teenagers has more than halved from the 33 birth per 1,000 teenagers in 1990.

Mother and Baby SleepingA figure of average age of having a child increased since 1975.

Nowadays more women with higher education have more opportunities to give birth to baby over advances in fertility treatment.

In 2015 there was the trend for women who have babies at older ages.

The fertility rates have dropped in all age groups under 25. But for women 30 and over these rates increased.

In current times women who are between 30 and 34 have the highest fertility than other age groups.

The chairman of the British Fertility Society, Prof Adam Balen claims that women and men should remember that their reproductive outcomes become fall for older women.

For older women it takes potentially longer to get pregnant, there is greater risk of miscarriage, more complicated labour and medical intervention in the process of birth.