10 secrets to make your sleep better


It is very important to sleep to renew the energy and the resources of body. But when we talk about sleep we know that its quality goes first before the quantity.

To form long term memory it is important to have good uninterrupted sleep. It also increases genera alertness and attention, assists emotional regulation and clears your brain.

183367093-56a258ae3df78cf772749393Good sleep helps to forget and free up valuable cerebral space for new memories and habits.

There are many factors which can disturb our sleep: our partners, our children, and pets. Sometimes it is better to have good quality sleep rather than interrupted sleep when many factors do not let you to rest well.

The lack of sleep causes lower ability to concentrate. We make more mistakes, feel irritable and our brain can create false memories.

Here are 10 secrets to make your sleep betterbest-sleep-mask-400x400

  1. You should have schedule for your sleep. Your bedtime should be regular and comfortable for you.
  2. Your brain should be ready for sleep. Relax before going to bed. You can take a bath. Do not use your device before going to bed because your brain can think that it is not night yet. Your brain shouldbe quiet to be ready to sleep.
  3. Practice meditation to improve your sleep.
  4. Your bedroom should be a place for sleep and sex only. Do not set TV at the bed or any devices which will not let you to relax.
  5. Refuse from alcohol.
  6. Avoid smoking and drinking coffee. Caffeine stays in your organism for six hours. Do not forget about it when you are going to drink coffee during the second part of the day.coffee
  7. Active life helps to improve quality of sleep.Personal_Trainer_Intensity
  8. Prepare your room for sleep. Keep cool temperature in the bedroom when you are going to sleep. Clean your bedroom regularly.
  9. Your sleeping partner should not disturb you when you sleep with sleep apnoea or restless legs.gallery-1450723916-gettyimages-539668983-1
  10. Drink warm milk before going to bed.