Google plans to become leader in Australia with Android Pay


Internet giant Google launches its Android Pay service in Australia. Your smartphone will be able to double as credit cards.

Android Pay will work with 28 financial institutions. Among them there are ANZ, Macquarie and Beyond Bank. It will also feature in local apps.

The huge number of tap-and-play credit card terminals became the reason why Australia became a natural market for mobile payment technology. Besides technology was already used by two thirds of Australians for paying for goods.

Australians already have two digital wallets such as Apple and Samsung Pay.

9368151_barclays-to-launch-payment-system-to-rival_ba06e7ca_mThere will be the opportunity to use Android Pay with 28 financial institutions such as ANZ, American Express, Macquarie, Bank of Sydney, and Beyond Bank, with Bendigo and ING Direct expected to add their services shortly.

Google payment solution will be available on more phones than other services.

Any user having smartphone which runs Google Android software, version KitKat and above can launch Google’s digital wallet. This solution will be available for Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, BlackBerry, and HTC.

There will be a choice for Samsung smartphone owners whether to use Samsung or Android Pay.

The payment details will be automatically sent to approved stores so users will not need to re-enter details of their credit cards.

The next step for Google will be adding loyalty programs to Android Pay. There will be no need to carry extra cards.