The study suggests that Zika epidemic will disappear in three years


A team of scientists claim that the current Zica epidemic will end within 3 years as there will stay few people infected.

There appeared an article in the journal Science where the researchers claim that 10 years will pass before the next epidemic.

The team of researchers of the Imperial College London created a model where they used data about the current epidemic of Zika in Latin America.

April_pic_3While Zika experts are not very optimistic. They claim that it is early to predict something.

The Medical Research Council Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling at Imperial scientists claim that the epidemic which appeared in Brazil in 215 has to burn itself in three years.

160126114445-02-zika-virus-super-169It will happen because the virus cannot infect the same person two times and as more people become infected and the level of epidemic will reach “herd immunity”, the levels of infection will fall and epidemic disappear.

There should appear a new generation who had not been covered by Zika virus. The researchers claim that before this time there would be a long period with few new cases.

After scientists analysed chikungunia virus which is similar to Zika they made a conclusion that the patterns of epidemics are very similar and Zika epidemic will have the same outcome.