Facebook activated Safety Check after Nice terror attack


To let users to notify friends and family that they are safe after the terror attack in Nice which happened on Thursday Facebook activated its Safety Check service.

The lorry with explosives and weapons hit a large crowd in Nice when they celebrated a Bastille Day. In the result of accident 84 people were killed.

Earlier last week Facebook activated its safety Check after the sniper attack in Dallas. Five officers were killed that day.

After the tragedy in Orlando, the USA, Facebook activated its Safety Check service for the first time. That day 49 people were killed by a gunman and 53 were injured in Orlando gay club.

71c4d87faa3a9346b4235e16882058a0Safety Check service was designed for times of disaster. It lets users in specific area inform their friends and family that they are safe and alive. There is also a possibility to check other people in the affected area and mark friends who are safe.

Other events such as Brussels terror attacks, bombing in Ankara made the social network activate its Safety Check feature.

While there was unpleasant situation when Facebook Safety Check service sent the notifications to wrong addresses after the bombing in Lahore, Pakistan which happened after the Easter Sunday and killed 70 people. Fcebook apologizes for this glitch.