5 tips for safe essential oil using


Many women try to find safe ways for caring their children. All mothers want their children to be safe and healthy. Natural remedies for children are used by 41% of modern mothers. They use essential oils as natural remedies when their kids are sick.

The essential oil using has become a trend. There are many brands offering essential oils.

materials-essential-oilsThe first benefit of such oils is that they do not need any prescriptions so every mother can buy them. But the experts warn that they can be unsafe in using and even dangerous in some cases.

5 tips for safe essential oils using

It is possible to use essential oils safe with children. The experts give 5 tips for using of them properly.

  1. You should know the purpose of using essential oil. For example, you can use it before bedtime to calm your child. Make or buy lavender pillow in the room.
  2. Apply essential oils according to your sense. There are mild essential oils such as lavender. But there are some oils which have strong smell. Avoid using such oils near eyes or the airways. If your baby puts his feet in his mouth do not use essential oil for these parts of body.
  3. Do not use essential oils without diluting.
  4. Read instructions. To make sure you are using essential oil safely and properly read the instruction. Ask for advice somebody who practices naturopathy.
  5. Keep essential oils out of children’s reach. Use a medication lock box.