Coca-Cola is going to produce coffee and milk


Soon Brazilian consumers will have a chance to buy packaged Arabica coffee beans produced by Coca-Cola. The largest soft-drink producer in the world is going to expand in breakfast beverages.

The company which is based in Atlanta is going to sell packaged beans through a local tea brand. The Coca-Cola company owns brand which is called Leao. So they are going to expand further. There is a partnership agreement between Coca-Cola and coffee exporter Tristao Companhia de Comarcio Exterior. This company will buy and prepare the beans. There are no other financial details about the deal.

1468622991064The breakfast sector became interesting for Coca-Cola

More than a decade has passed since Coca-Cola expanded to other products such as juice, tea and mineral water. Now the company seeks a broader portfolio of products for breakfast. So they advance into coffee and milk.

Coca-Cola is going to conclude the acquisition of the company which produces dairy products, Laticinios Verde Campo in Minas Gerais in Brasil. Now it is a part of the strategy.

The company is going to sell blends made from arabica, the premium beans. Coffee-house chain Starbucks Corp prefers these premium beans. The representative of Coca-Cola said that they realized that they have a chance to sell export-quality coffee in Brazil.