Land-clearing laws divided farmers in NSW


Both sides of the debate criticize the biggest change to legislation governing biodiversity in New South Wales as species are threatened in a generation.

Broad-scale land cleaning in NSW was over by the major reforms in 1990s.

The government reworks the laws.

According to the claims of Government biodiversity will develop and improve. The Government insists that independent expert panel gave recommendations which became basic for the legislation.

4735350-16x9-700x394These proposals are deeply defective and they will lead to broad-scale land clearing. A handful of farmers will be placated by these proposals, as the conservationists claim.

The land will be managed according to the maps which are not released yet. So the NSW farmers cannot imagine how the changes will work.

The farmers increased their pressure in Morree and Walgett, in the state’s north-west. They demand to take more control of their land and require increasing of the productivity.

One of the farmers who support the change is Oscar Pearse. He Grows chickpeas at Moree.

He claims that for the past 20 years the native vegetation laws have been effectively halting farmers. They do not use modern technology and adapt to them. The farmers stop adapting to modern and emerging markets.

There should not be large environmental damage caused by productivity increases over the laws.

The environmental outcomes can be potentially improved.