Social media star from Pakistan was killed by her brother


According to officials there happened something which prompted shock and revulsion in Pakistan. A Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother. Her selfies polarised the country which is the deeply conservative.

Qandeel Baloch broke social taboos and she was praised by many representatives of the country’s youth. But the conservatives condemned her.

Police reports that she was found strangled near the city of Mutan.

Her brother strangled her to death. Police called this incident an honour killing.

According to the statement made by police Fauzia Azeem (real name of Qandeel Baloch) had travelled with her family to Muzzafarabad village which is situated in the central Punjab province. They were going to celebrate Eid holiday.

560bc2b1843cf-650x366On Friday her brother Wasim killed her but he was not on the run.

There were 100 officers outside the home where her family lived in Muzzafarabad. There were also 5 ambulances near.

Reaction in social media

Her father Azeem Ahmad said that she was innocent and the family demands justice and they want to know why their daughter was killed.

3_071616020231Every year hundreds of women are killed for “honour” in Pakistan. There is a law which allows the family of the victim to forgive the murder. In most cases the killer can be also a relative of the victim. So there are many killers which are free because of this law.

Filmmaker Sharmeemn Obais-Chinoy was a symptomatic of an “epidemic” when women became the victims of violence in Pakistan. Earlier this year his documentary about honour killings won an Oscar.

Social media of Pakistan exploded with the news of killing. Some people praised the bravery of Baloch but there were also conservatives who condemned the woman for her relentless self-promotion.