Shoppers cross the border between Venezuela and Colombia


This month the border between Venezuela and Colombia was reopened for the second time. It allowed people to cross over to buy basic medicines and food.

A year ago President Nicolas Madure closed the border between Venezuela and Colombia to fight cross-border crime. Last week it was the first time when Colombia let people cross the border. The total amount of people who entered the country was 35,000.

According to official information many people came to Colombia from Venezuela on Saturday.

Economic crisis in Venezuela became the reason of lack of many basic goods.

The government opened the border across a walking bridge which connects Tachira in Venezuela and Cucuta in Colombia a day before the authorities of both countries reported about it.

1468806885These measures helped to avoid the queues on the border.

The border stayed opened till Sunday.

The major source of outcome in Venezuela is oil industry. The falling price of oil led to severe shortages in the country for months.

The shelves in many supermarkets are empty in Venezuela. People spend days staying in queues for buying basic products.

Severe mismanagement of the economy of President Maduro is the reason why government strictly criticises him.

President provided shortages. That is why the business community blames him.