To tackle obesity the government should refuse from public health cuts


It will be problematically to tackle obesity if the government cuts public health funding, local councils in England warn.

It is expected to spend £505m on fighting obesity by 2017 according to Local Government Association figures.

Weight_managementThis money are used by councils for measuring children’s weight at primary school, helping people lose weight and offering free or available leisure facilities.

In April 2013 local authorities took the responsibility for the public health.

The NHS used to run this duty before 2013.

Earlier in the year the Department of Health announced a sugar tax on soft drinks manufacturers to tackle obesity.

Prevention of obesity

The government gives money to the Local Government Association (LGA) for public health spending. It is expected that the total sum for this spending will decrease from £3.38bn in 2016/17 to £3.13bn in 2020/21.

Over 4 years the prevention of obesity in adults and children will get about half a billion pounds, the association said. The LGA claims that there is the obesity crisis in the country.

According to the information of 2014/2015 in England, 1 in 10 children of four and five suffer from obesity as well as children aged 10 to 11.

Running the government’s National Child Measurement Programme needs to be founded as well. According to this programme a chils’s BMI (body mass index) is calculated when they start school and when they leave school in Year Six.