This winter season is the busiest in Tasmania


This winter season has become the busiest in a decade in Tasmania. Next year the winter offerings will be expanded by operators.

In 2015 for the period between April and September there were 480,000 visitors in Tasmania. The budget of the island received $690 million from tourists.

6563654-3x2-700x467 This winter is busiest as operators claim. The organisers of the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival clocked 13,000 visitors at the weekend comparing with last year when there were 8,500 visitors.

This winter the state would eclipse the 2015 according to the statement of Tourism Tasmania’s John Fitzerald about the festival.

Mr Fitzerald admitted that this winter is probably the best for the last decade for the tourist operators.

70,000 people are going to visit Tasmanian festivals.

Mr Fizerald said that Dark Mofo became the catalyst for travelling.

Plans for future

Hobart-Image-1The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) put on the Dark Moto festival which has already brought $2.1 million a year to the budget of Tasmania.

The deal will guarantee its future in the state committing taxpayers to forking out $10.5 million in total.

Creative director of Dark Mofo Leigh Carmichael claims that MONA was still thinking about the future of festival before the deal with the state.

For them it was important to insure that community backed the festival.

For the next year the Museum will profile a different Tasmanian region at Dark Mofo each year. It is going to charge more local art.

Every year they will choose a region for committing.

280,000 people were attached by Dark Mofo to its events in 2015.