NSW Police warns about killing drug Krokodil which came from Russia


NSW Police warns about new killing drug which came from Russia. Krokodil is a flash eating drug. It has got its name over the trial of “zombies” that are usually left by it.

2c420c00dffbbdf264a2bfbefc98c8bfThis drug is ten times more powerful than morphine and it is more potent and has lower price than heroin. The basis of this drug is codeine. It got its name over the physical effects which it makes on users. Usually skin on users’ limbs in the places of injections. It peels and becomes scaly like a skin of crocodile. Russian for crocodile is Krokodil. This paint thinner and petrol has corrosive effect on the body of the person who use it. The using of this drug leads to gangrene.

The flash is rotted to the bone and makes users of this drug look like “zombies”.

According to the statement of a senior police source there is a probability that this drug will appear on the streets of Sydney some time later.

He said that this drug does not exist on the territory of NSW “but it’s only a matter of time”.

The most awful thing is that the precursors of the drug can be available and user can make it at home. It does not require any special laboratory. And usually two years pass from addiction to death of the user.