Canadian scientists work with Chlamydia vaccine


A promising vaccine against chamydia is developed by Canadian scientists. They study its reaction on mice.

Journal Vaccine published a research which shows that there are more abilities to fight off the infection for mice which received immunisation.

1468992770291One of the most common infection in the UK and globally which can be transmitted sexually is Chlamydia. The scientists have not found any vaccine which is approved to fight against this virus.

Nowadays the best form of protection against Chlamydia is using of condoms.

Scientists at McMaster University in Ontario used mice for the researches when they delivered two doses of the prototype vaccine through the nose.

It was found out that the system of vaccinated mice had fewer copies of the bacteria. There were less signs of damage to productive organs of vaccinated mice group.

The results of the research seem very promising for professor James Mahony. The scientists are going to test the vaccine on other animal models.

Results for long term

In developing countries Chlamydia infection of the eye is a most common cause of blindness. So the scientists expect that their vaccine will be helpful in a fight against this problem.

Last year the most common sexually transmitted infection was Chlamydia according to Public Health England suggest.

The symptoms of this disease are usually not noticeable. In most cases it is passed on through sexual contacts.

The treatment of this disease demands early using of antibiotics. It helps to prevent pelvic inflammatory and infertility.

Young sexual people under 25 should test themselves for Chlamydia every year as well as after changing sexual partner.