Triple cold front is moving to Australia from Friday


Sidney and Melbourne will be covered by cold front according to weather forecast. On Friday territory of Australia will be hit by tripe cold front.

According to the warns of senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology national operation centre Kenneth Cheung the mercury will be brought by series of cold fronts right down.

From Friday Tasmanian territory as well as Victoria will suffer from cold front. By Saturday it will move to north and will hit New South Wales.

1467273175995Mr Cheung said that there will be no warm weather. Wintry conditions will be brought by series of cold fronts over the weekend. The air will be much cooler as the temperature will fall. The meteorologists expect that there will be snowy weather on Tasmania and the Alpine areas.

From Friday into Sunday Victoria will feel the effects of the front according to the BoM.

On Friday the temperature will fall to around 17-13C and in Melbourne it will fall to 12C on Saturday.

The meteorologists expect overnight lows of 6C and freezing conditions in the Alpine areas with snow.

Such changes in the temperature will be shocking for the residents of Victoria. But experts claim that they are normal.

In July the mercury hit 23.5C and the temperature recorded the hottest results. But there will be the warm spell after it.