Newest shadow ministers from the team of Bill Shorten became known


There will be 13 women and 19 on the incoming frontbench of Bill Shorten. Bill Shorten is going to announce officially specialists who were appointed for portfolios in his team.

g2u132Q9Carol Brown is from Tasmania. She was a senator in the Parliament in 2005. Previously she served as deputy government whip in the Senate. Besides she was a shadow parliament secretary. Carol Brown is 53 and she is a member of Labor’s left.

1463378157009Claire O’Neil is a member for the Victorian seat of Hotham. She is a member of the Labor Right. Clare O’Neil has become the youngest female mayor in the history of Australia. In 2013 she was elected for the first time. She was a co-author of the book with Labor MP Tim Watts. She studied at Harvard University.

1364950399257A member for the NSW seat Chifley is Ed Husic, along with Senator Dastyari. Mr Husic has become the first Muslim Mps in Australia who reached ministerial level.

Ed Husic is 46 and she was elected for the first time in 2010. He used to be national president of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union. He is also a member of Labor’s Right faction.

linda-burney_1 Linda Burney is 59. She is a newly elected member for the NSW seat of Barton. She has become the first Aboriginal woman who works in the House of Representatives. She is also a member of Labor’s Left. She used to be a deputy NSW Labor Leader and state government minister.

be9cce17d84d019ceeba2cc84a14860cSam Dastyari is 32. He was born in Iran. He used to be NSW Labor general secretary and right faction powerbroker.

He was appointed to the Senate in 2013. During the election campaign of Mr Shorten Mr Dastyari travelled on the bus. He helped Kevin Rudd change Julia Gillard as prime minister.