Why you can snooze for only nine minutes with iPhone


Every morning when you hear the sound of your alarm you ask to sleep one more minute. But if you are a happy owner of Apple iPhone you can snooze for only nine minutes.

Why iPhone gives you 9 minutes to snooze?

atmosfacecloseupThis number was not randomly chosen by the developers of the phone. Outs sleep pattern is not linked with this number as well.

In fact our phones are automatically set to let us snooze 9 minutes because Apple company respects the history of clocks.

The post on Q&A website Quora says that there was “forever” standard for the alarm clock industry which involves nine minutes.

Is the snooze button so important?

According to the report of Nic Lake there were gears in the times of early clocks and watches when it was difficult to set a snooze for “exactly” ten minutes. Till the 50s there was a pretty standard which was aimed for “less then” ten minutes also called nine minutes.

snoozeWith the appearance of digital clocks it became much easier to set the time for snoozing for nine minutes.

Nick claims that with nine minutes for snoozing Apple respects the traditions of the clocks.

There is another theory of nine minutes for snoozing which was said by David J Slavik who is another Quora user. He claims that the hybrid-electric clocks with rollover flip display were invented to prompt the snooze for nine minutes. He explained that “For this reason the physical interface for the snooze function had to be put on the minute column so that each flip of the card that was displayed when the snooze button was pressed would re-trigger the alarm.” So an inordinately long snooze was caused by putting the alarm anywhere else.