Marrickville meat factory is destroyed by fire


It took a night for fire crews who battled a blaze. The fire destroyed a meat processing factory in inner west of Sydney.

On Thursday after 5:00 Master Cut Meats called emergency serviced on Gerald Street.

There was a probability of spreading of the blaze as Fire and Rescue New South Wales Superintendent Ian Krimmer said.

“The big fear was that this fire would spread to adjoining premises butting right up close to it,” he admitted.

7651060-3x2-340x227The rescuers evacuated the building quickly as well as people who were in the surrounded buildings.

There is no information about injured people at this stage.

It took an hour to contain the blaze to the factory. There were more than 50 firefighters who managed the disaster.

The fire extremely damaged the building where was the meat processing factory. Superintendent Krimmer said that firefighters could prevent the spreading of the fire on other buildings.

There are 45 people who work at the factory. One of employees said that they received a permission to continue their work.

The experts try to determine the cause of the fire.

Police was not convinced whether the place was unsafe for them to go. So structural engineers assessed the building before the examination of police and fire investigators.