Fossett’s round-the-world-record was broken by balloonist from Russia


A balloonist from Russia flew non-stop around the world. His support crew claims that he has set a new record.

As it is reported balloon which belongs to Fyodor Konyukhov has passed directly over the territory of the airfield of Northam, the town in Australia. About 11 days ago the journey of this man began from this place.

2016-07-12T065135Z_387658779_S1AETPCKTBAB_RTRMADP_3_AUSTRALIA-BALLOON_620_413_100The World Air Sport Federation confirmed his record. Previously Steve Fossett from America set this record in 2002. So this record was broken.

It is expected that Konyukhov, 65, will land later on Saturday.

Steve Fossett’s journey lasted 13 days

His son Oscar said that this journey was very hard for his father. Several nights over the Indian Ocean the man was closer to Antarctica that Australia.

The rout of Konyukhov was above Australia then he flew above the territory of New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean, South America, the Cape of Good hope and the Southern Ocean.

gettyimages-546352570His balloon is 56m (183ft) tall. Konyukhov used helium and hot air for it. His rout lasted 11 days and 6 hours. Konyukhov has beaten the record of Fossett.

Previously American Fossett set the record which began from Northam and lasted 13 days and 8 hours.

The World Air Sport Federation has not commented the situation yet.