Man’s dead body remained unnoticed in fast food restaurant toilet for 3 days


A body of dead man was found in the toilet of fast food restaurant in a suburb of Perth. It was unnoticed for nearly three days. The authorities of Western Australia investigate the reasons of this accident.

Probably the death of the man was caused by overdose of drugs. People do not treat his death as suspicious.

There were concerns about hygiene standards of the store, the customers admitted.

According to the claims of the representatives of Hungry Jack, the Australian franchise of Burger King they cooperate with the authorities.

nintchdbpict000253823339-e1469189108294The Australian news broadcaster ABC contacted with head office of Hungry Jack. They did not address questions about cleaning schedule of the bathrooms. A short and unattributed statement was issued by them. It said: “Hungry Jack’s is co-operating with all relevant authorities regarding the matter at its restaurant in Balga, Western Australia,” the statement said. “Our thoughts are with all concerned.”

They should check their facilities more often

Purposively the man entered the restaurant on Friday night. While people found him on Monday morning. As it was reported the store was open at the weekend.

There were concerns about the checks of the toilet according to the customers.

One of them said that “Three days is a pretty long time”. He expressed his regret that the staff of the restaurant checks their facilities so rarely.