Rihanna will play in the scene in Bates Motel final season


Famous star Rihanna will play the role in the film.

The role of Marion Crane in the final season of the US TV drama series Bates Motel will be played by Rihanna.

bates-motel-to-feature-marion-crane-in-season-5-981154A famous singer, who is 28 now, appeared in the video Needed Me. She played the main role in the Psycho which is made by famous Janet Leigh.

In 1960 Alfred Hitchcock made film Psycho. So Bates Motel has become its prequel.

In the original film the role of Marion Crane was played by Janet Leigh. In the film serial killer Norman Bated murdered her. He stabbed her to death.

psychoOne of the most iconic moments in the cinema is “the shower scene” which was the disturbing murder.

The producers of the film announced about the high-profile surprise casting at the annual comic book, film and television convention Comic-Con which took place in San Diego.

It was known for the executive producer of the show Carton Cuse that the series has got a famous fan Rihanna. “We heard Rihanna was a fan, and we were huge fans of hers, so it was the perfect collision of creativity and fate,” he admitted.

The producers wanted to add the iconic role into current focus. They wanted to see it in a new way.

The viewers of US and Australian television will see the final season of Bates Motel in 2017. The fifth final season production will begin next month in Vancouver.