New EFM smartphone cases can protect your iPhone from breaking


One of the most awful things is dropping your iPhone and cracking the screen. People are always in search for the ways of protection of their phones’ displays.

So an Aussie lifestyle brand works to rescue your iPhone as well.

103167428-GettyImages-185115468.530x298Impact protection materials are used by developer D30 which is based in UK. Many smartphone cases are available exclusively across Australia and New Zealand. These cases were created by EFM.

The developers claim that the quality of the materials is patented and they offer enhanced absorption of shock. The protection has non-Newtonian principles.


The principle of protection

EFM explained the principle of work of the material.  When the molecules of the material are in standard conditions they support its soft and flexible condition. When there is an impact on them they absorb the energy and reduce transmitted force.

So the material returns in its flexible state instantly. The principle of the work of the material lies in fact there will be better protection when there is more impact on the material, so there is more reaction between molecules.

The cases can be used for protection of iPhone 6s and 6S Plus. These cases have two models. They are available in orange, jet black, mint, violet, navy and slate.

The model Aspen is a standard case. The EFM Monaco has a flip cover with secure magnetic latch which protects the screen of your iPhone. The interior shell of the case if made with the D3O impact protection material provides superior resistance to impact.