Habits which help to lose weight at workplace


The main dietary success is planning. Nowadays it seems that it needs much time to plan your lunch and control your calorie for every day.

According to the new research which was published in the Journal of Marketing Research if the person simply cuts calories in every day nutrition helps to lose the weight for a long term.

More than 900 workers and university students took part in the researches. They purchased their lunch regularly from on-site canteens.

8912944b41d05faf_Lunch-1.xxxlargeThe researchers found out that the times in which people ordered their lunches they ordered and planned in advice. These times influenced the lunchtime.

When the participants waited for a long time after breakfast to order the lunch they ordered the more calories at lunchtime. When people waited an hour before they ordered lunch they ordered fewer calories at lunchtime. When the participants ordered their food immediately after breakfast they cut their calories up to 240.

The scientists explained this behavior by many factors

According to the first theory planning lunch in advance when the person feels satiated and full from breakfast helped to allow make more mindful decisions about food.

The second theory tells that planning allows more choices for considering and tendency of making healthier choices.

When the person consumes the lunch in the workplace out of habit the calories are reduced by as little as 40 calories every day. It can help to lose the weight during the long term.

The common habits of the working day are eating lunch at the desk, regular trips to food courts and refusing from lunch.

A range of negative outcomes is linked to overweight and obesity. As a result there was a law productivity of workers. The sick leave increased and the companies spent much money for the absenteeism.

The conclusion of the research was that workers should plan ahead their lunch in the beginning of the day. The regular break for lunch has positive impact for the workers.

As usual busy workers have some complications when they plan their healthy lunch and fill with much calorie. So they order twice as much energy than it is required for workers who work while they sit.