Microsoft improves your iPhone photos


Fans of Apple have a nice chance to have better pictures with their phone’s camera.

In order to give the opportunity to people to feel like professional photographers Microsoft developed the Pix app for the iPhone.

The images made with Pix have better contrast. The skin tones are better and there is less noise.

pix1Very often family photographer fails to make photos where everybody smiles. This app automatically catches the moment when everybody is with open eyes.

With the help of this app the camera makes seven shots before the shutter is hit and three shots after it.

Do you remember how many times you lost the moment when you take photos with your camera when it was too late to shot? version of the app for Android phones and future updates will be released by Microsoft. There will also be a beauty mode for smoothing out your wrinkles in selfies.

Harry Potter-style is one of the versions of the app which contains images with movement.

You will be able to make Live Images which are similar to the Love Photos feature which is available for users of resent Apple iPhones.

The pix gives the opportunity to capture Live Image photos on your phone.

When the app detects movement it generates it automatically.

The producers of the app are research group which created the How Old Do I Look? This tool was created to guess the age of person after analyzing photo.