Scientists found out new class of antibiotics which treat superbug infections


The scientists analysed the bacterial warfare which takes place up people’s noses. They found a new class of antibiotics.

A new drug which can treat superbug infections was found by the scientists as it was reported in the article of the journal Nature.

According to the researchers of the University of Tubingen in Germany there is an untouched source of new drugs in human body.

Earlier in the 1980s the researchers found the last new class of the drugs which could reach patients.

Almost all antibiotics were discovered earlier in soil bacteria. Now the human body became the subject for the search of antibiotics for the research team of the University of Tubingen.

Superbug in human body

Rival species of bacteria struggle for space and food in human organism on a microscopic level.

The scientists suspect that antibiotics are their main weapon.

p01yllvjThe human nose is the place of invasion of the bugs such as Staphylococcus aureus which is present in the noses of 30% people. There are also such bacteria as the dreaded superbug strain MRSA.

In most cases people who have the rival bug Staphylococcus lungdunesis in the nose have S. aureus.

The scientists from Germany worked with different strains of genetically-modified S. lungdunesis. They found the crucial piece of genetic code. This found has to help to struggle against bacteria in your nose.

A single crucial gene which builds antibiotics was found in bacteria living in human nose. Its name is lungdunin.

The scientists claim that they need years for tests with lungdunin. They are not confident that these researches will be successful.

Nowadays there are many infections which are untreatable. So new antibiotics are very important to doctors.