Matt Damon is going to rest for a year without acting


Actor Matt Damon is going to have vacations after the period of hard work.

In his latest interview he admitted that he is very busy now because he has much work playing many roles. There were four straight movies for him in a row. He told about his plans about the rest.

0fe051a1d9b84ca1b515c0df2e912f4927e1aa4530412c3c79c61fd849e0df7eDamon’s latest instalment was the Bourne franchise. The actor, who is 45, played Jason Bourne. This week the cinemas opened with the film where Damon played the main role. He said that he is going to devote his free time to his family because he “dragged them all over the work” for film shoots.

Damon also explained his life with his wife Luciana Barroso and their daughters. He said that his family is really good sports and they like travelling very much. He said that he was excited that he finishes this year with much work and his family needs to spend much time with him.

13734cbe26884f15963f8fc1b72269c2-1560x1040The actor is going to get back in the saddle. In order to prepare himself for his fourth go-around as Bourne. He is looking forward to have a break for his body and to spend some time with his family.

Now the actor is 45. His acting began when he was 29. He said that “all that stuff came a lot easier”.

He also added that His acting chops were improved as well.