Popular TV presenter from Australia apologized for his offensive words


Popular Australian TV presenter appologised after he used an “ignorant jibe” which was offensive for transgender people.

Awkward interviews, on-air pranks and appearing on television while inebriated made Karl Stefanovic famous. He is the host of the Nine Networks Today morning show.

His apologise stretched for 3 minutes after he overstepped the mark telling off-colour jokes when he took part in Tuesday’s show.

It happened when a Nine reporter told that “transvestites” attacked her shortly after she appeared in Rio De Janeiro for covering the Olympics.

1133a41c9d61a50c3dc31080402fd935This fact was provocative for Stefanovic who made series of cross-dressing jokes. He also commented that the cameraman was “no stranger to the ways of the tranny”.

The LGTBI community and social media criticised his use of the term “tranny”.

Later on Friday Mr Stefanovic apologized for his words in the morning. He explained that he used this word “wrong, very wrong”. Then he gave a promise not to repeat this word.

“As we all know I can be a complete tool. Yesterday I was worse, I was an ignorant tool,” he said.

He admitted that trans people are fun-loving, life-celebrating people. And he thought that they would laugh with. But he was wrong.

Social media praised his apologyse on the page in Facebook.

His apologise was called “refreshing and heartfelt” by editor of Sydney’s Star Observer gay and lesbian community news paper, Corey Sinclair.