Your child will develop with the first smart trampoline in the world


According to official information 81% of kids in Australia aged 5-17 are not active in their physical activity. While specialists recommend them to be active 60 minutes every day.

Nowadays when the digital age has very serious impact on our life kids spend much time playing computer games. It is hard to see young people engaged children’s games.

Thanks to the folks at Sprigfree Trampoline Australia people have chance to solve this problem. The name of the first smart trampoline in the world is Tgoma. The principle of trampoline’s work is based on interactive gaming system.

maxresdefaultThe Managing Director of Springfree Trampoline is Mrs Leanne Fretwell. She described the new product and said that it helps children to get outdoors and active again. Thanks to this invention they are interested for outdoors playing for long period of time. The developers said that their aim was to change the isolating and sedentary behavior of children who spend most part of their time sitting at the screen. So they made their behavior active on the trampoline.tgoma-digital-trampoline-game

Benefits of Tgoma

The developers took the existing trampoline and placed four sensors onto the mat. Thanks to these sensors every jump is taken feedback and it is depicted in the tablet device of user via Bluetooth. It may be iOS or Android.

Children cannot just sit on a trampoline. Their task is to jump around. That feedback will be taken by sensors and the game will be driven forward.

With this new trampoline children will have a lot of fun. Besides it is good for improving fitness and helps to develop mental condition of children.